As I read this article, I felt a very strong indignation towards young boys who might be considering treating my girls this way. Here is a short snippet of the whole:

Researchers who carried out an in-depth study of the lives of pupils at two London schools in 2010 say that year eight was when they began to feel confused and overwhelmed by sexual expectations and demands…

…Some of the boys at his school have explicit images of up to 30 different girls on their phone. They swap them like we used to swap football cards. If they fancy a girl, they send her a picture of their genitals. As one teenage girl said after the report came out, sending pictures of your body parts is “the new flirting”.

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. Granted, this article concerns studies done in the UK, but I would wager that this behavior is not unheard of in the States. Consider what YOU can do to help stop this cultural shift among our children (and ultimately the cause – pornified adults).