In an article on why one should do work from a coffee shop, even if he has an office, Lifehacker lists some things that I’ve long known and experienced.

  • A change of environment stimulates creativity – Changing your environment, even just for a day, brings new types of input and stimulation.
  • Fewer distractions – It sounds counter-intuitive, but working from a bustling coffee shop can be less distracting than working from a quiet office.
  • Community and meeting new people

To make the best out of your coffee shop days, keep a few things in mind:

  • Rotate coffee shops – avoid the stifling feeling of routine you were trying to avoid in the first place.
  • Buy something – Buy some stuff throughout the day, and tip well. Coffee shop workers are awesome, and they’ll be awesome to you if you are a good customer.
  • Placement – Don’t sit near the door or the register.
  • Power up – Come with a full charge…it forces me to take a break and work with focus because I will run out eventually.

I was very thankful when the new mall in our city came with TWO new coffee shops! I’ve made friends with all of the workers, and they love to practice their language with me! If I have a question regarding a grammar point I’m studying, I have helpers close at hand!

HT: Lifehacker