ReadingPlan_logoHow many of you had a plan to start a Bible reading plan for the New Year, but your plan foundered by the end of the first week?  Consistency in reading the Scriptures is difficult, either because we enter into it with unrealistic expectations (I’m talking you, mothers of young children!), or we don’t have a good plan for keeping us accountable.

I started using this iPhone/iPad app last year called ReadingPlan.  It has a number of different read-through-the-Bible plans from which you may choose an approach that is right for you.  I personally use the Daily Reading plan which is from the ESV Daily Reading Bible.  You can then choose which translation, specific apps in which you may want to read the text (like online bibles, Logos, YouVersion, etc.), and even set notifications and reminders to remind you through the day if you have not read yet.

Now understand, you will miss some days, and that is OK. The goal is not to be perfect (come on, you know you can’t be!), but to be consistant. Some days you may only get one chapter read (Psalms are usually a good bet for those days!), and some days you may want to read on ahead.  But don’t let your having missed a day or two keep you from jumping back in to the plan.  Don’t feel like you have to catch up on what you’ve missed (unless you have the time); simply start with that day’s reading.

I hope this helps some of you as much as it has helped me!