“As the Father sent me, I also am sending you.” – John 20:21 

…my wife Noël showed me an anniversary card sent to us by a missionary couple from our church. It contained a little “touch-and-feel” booklet called “Pat the Yuppie.”

On one page you could pat the soft sheepskin seatcovers in Robert and Kathleen’s brand new luxury car. On another page you could feel the pasta strips coming out of their brand new pasta maker. Next you can touch the rough exposed bricks on the wall in their new $400,000 high-rise condo. “See how rough they are. Sooooo rough!” It concluded with a head-shaped mirror: “Now you can be a yuppie, too!”

So there they were on my desk. The touch-and-feel invitation to join Robert and Kathleen for pasta in their condo, and the invitation to join the mission force of Jesus Christ “as the Father sent him.”


I turned the anniversary card over and read our friends’ conclusion on the matter: “Yuppies make yucky missionaries.”