Benjamin Cripps

I am a writer, editor, teacher, and web developer living in Turkey. I find joy in running long distances on trails, drinking freshly roasted-by-me coffee, reading good books, serving my local church, and raising my children with my beautiful wife, Jolie.

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Jolie Cripps

I’m a wife and mother…and, basically a doctor. Not really. But sometimes I play one on TV. I enjoy sleeping late (never happens), cooking, daydreaming, planning birthday parties, and being outside – the beach, the mountains, forests, fields, it doesn’t matter! I homeschool my four children here in Turkey, and spend my ‘spare time’ learning a second language.

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E’s birthday party

We were sad that Eli was sick in a tent all day on his birthday, so we were glad that we got to have a good party when we got back. He was very excited to have his friends over for a sports party, and loved his sport related presents! Jolie did a great job decorating (once again)!





We spent the last day of the local religious holiday with some Turkish friends at a great beach in Kızkalesi. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that the whole of Mersin and Adana had the same idea! It was VERY crowded, and we had a terrible time trying to get home, as everyone else was going our way. Took us 2.5 hours, when it should have been an hour.

Also, before we got to the beach, our friends took us to some ruins for me to photograph for my research of the area. It was great. I’ll post more pictures later on my research blog.






Camping at Hazar Gölü

We had a great time camping for a few days at Lake Hazar in Elazığ, and were very sad to have to leave early because three of our children became ill with a virus. It was fun while it lasted!