For those of you who came to the web in the youtube years, you may have missed one of the funniest (albeit juvenile) memes in the history of the internet (can you refer to the internet as having a history yet?).

homestarrunner.com is old school fun, circa early 2000 internet timeline.  With characters like Homestar, Strong Bad, Strong Sad, and Bubs, you know you're in for a strange, and hilarious, journey into the made up world of Trogdor the dragon (with musical tributes to Trogy's burninating the countryside and all the peasants in their thatch-roofed cottages, with his big beefy arm coming out of the back of his neck for good measure), and canoe songs that woo both fish and the ladies.

My personal favorites are SBemails, watching Strong Bad kill computer after computer as he answers our emails in his passive/aggressive (usually aggressive) fashion.  

You can find this flash based funniness at homestarrunner.com, and read about its enduring hilarity in Scott Brown's article in the January 2010 issue of Wired Magazine.