If you are not familiar with the personal organization guru David Allen, and his very helpful book Getting Things Done, then stop reading this right now, go to your local bookstore, purchase said book, and read it cover to cover. When done, read it again.

Now that you are familiar with the system, you will understand the simplicity that is GTD, but which takes form in complex personal systems and “hacks.” Since reading GTD in January, I’ve used a number of GTD programs for the Mac OS, a couple of which I really like (i.e. Actiontastic, iGTD, and OmniFocus). While all of these programs are great strengths when it comes to organizing your life while at your computer, they offer little by way of portability. If you are not in front of your computer, you cannot get to, or especially add to, your information, which is huge problem when it comes to actually getting things done in whatever context you are at the moment.


So, fancy my surprise when Joe Thorn posted that he was trying out a GTD system that had nothing to do with computers, but was all wrapped up in the tiny black delight that is called Moleskine (pronounced mol-a-skeen’-a). I’ve had a Moleskine pocket sketchbook for a while, using it for jotting down random thoughts or a picture or two. But now, I see that it may be a hands on solution to my GTD dilemma.

Joe pointed to Eston Bond’s Moleskine/GTD implementation as the one that he will be using. Eston points to the Hipster PDA and PigPog’s Moleskine/GTD implementation as the inspiration of his own. As you can see, and is often cited on GTD forums, there is no one way to do GTD. I’m seeing that to be true so far with Eston’s version. I need my context lists! So, I’m trying to think of how I can manipulate his system (which I do like better and think is cleaner than PigPog’s) to meet my needs.

But I do encourage you to check out the hPDA, and PigPog and Eston’s Moleskine use of GTD. If you are having trouble staying organized, one of these systems (with possible tweaking) is sure to work for you!

HT: Joe Thorn