I’ve been a little (errr, a lot) lagging in blogging of late.  While in reality, the time it takes to log into the WordPress dashboard (and previously Blogger, and concurrently Tumblr) doesn’t take that long, it does prevent me from popping in to make a quick post on the fly.  I don’t even want to make longer posts because of the psychological hills I have to climb to get to the place where I can press “Post.”  

But I struggle no more, thanks to a great blogging platform called Posterous


Posterous has been around for over a year now, and is gaining steam from people who struggle with the same blogging depression as myself.  You don’t have to go to a website dashboard to post (thought you can), and you don’t have to have an iPhone app while on the go (while there is one – for pictures).  Posterous uses the platform with which we all are familiar to post to your blog – email.  You can throw anything into an email – text, pictures, video, links – press send, and Posterous formats them all and creates your post for you.  You can even send multiple pictures, and it creates a handy little photo album.

And what is better, you can have your Posterous blog autopost all over the social interwebs – Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, etc.  

The main drawback that I find with Posterous is the lack of formatting for your blog.  While it is nice and clean (translated, lots of whitespace), I would like to make SOME formatting changes to the blog.  (I hear rumors that formatting functionality is on the way, though.)

But for now, you can link your Posterous blog with your WordPress blog, and all of your posts to Posterous are sent directly to WordPress!  You can create the format you want (WordPress), and have the email functionality of Posterous!

I do look forward to seeing how Posterous continues to grow (so far at a very fast rate) and adapt to the needs of their users.  But until then, I think I’ve found my blogging niche!