While on the topic of praying, I wonder how many of us make real praying a priority in our day to day lives? Do we toss up a nod as we head out the door or say a quick thank you when we hit the brakes just in time to avoid an accident?

As we’ve seen in our studies through Colossians and Thesslonians, prayer characterizes the Christian life. If you are a believer, and you are not praying regularly, then you should be! It is not a chore, but a privilege and a gift that our Father has given us – communion with our Creator and Lord.

But how do you do it? How does one become serious about praying? This was the same question that Martin Luther’s barber asked him. And in response, Luther wrote a little booklet called A Simple Way to Pray.

Check out this post from the Stand to Reason blog about Luther’s thoughts on how to pray seriously and with a purpose.

Luther taught that in praying through The Ten Commandments “I think of each Command as first, instruction , which is really what it is intended to be and consider what the Lord demands of me so earnestly. Second, I turn it into a thanksgiving; third a confession ; and fourth a prayer .”