I love music, and I especially love Christmas music.  Here are some of my favorite Christmas albums that I think you’ll enjoy:




Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb of God.

This IS my favorite Christmas album.  It is a a biblical/historical account of the world’s looking forward to the Christ, and our joy and thankfulness because of his coming.  I especially love So Long Moses.  You can listen free here, or purchase here.



Red Mountain Church’s Silent Night.

Full of biblical and traditional favorites, RMC does another great set of songs, led by Ashley Spurling beautiful voice.  You can purchase it here.



Bifrost Arts’ Salvation is Created.

This is a newcomer to me, but I’m enjoying it.  Not your usual Christmasy kind of fare, but melding scriptural content/thought with helpful music to interpret the texts.  You can purchase here.  Or, you can download two free tracks here and here.