Here’s a helpful post from Kevin DeYoung on the recent decision to not allow an evangelical pray at the upcoming inauguration. He begins:

On Thursday we learned that an evangelical pastor cannot say a benediction at the Presidential Inauguration because 15 years ago he affirmed the Bible’s prohibition of homosexual behavior. It was a sad day for evangelical Christians. A hard day. A frustrating day.

But let it also be our Independence Day.

Let us be free from the false hope that heroic deeds and quiet agreeableness can atone for the sin of orthodox conviction.

Let us be free from the wishful thinking that good works and good manners can appease the Great God Tolerance.

Let us be free from the misplaced assumption that faithfulness to God can go hand in hand with worldly congratulation.

For far too long I’m afraid that evangelicals have thought that we could be both friends with the world and servants of God. Maybe this latest event will shake us out of our delusion and help us see that the war we are in is a spiritual one, one in which we just may have been fooled into thinking that the world can please God apart from repenting and believing, and that if we are friends with them, we will be accepted.

He goes on:

And lest anyone think this is a call to arms or a manifesto of malediction, it is not. If we are reviled, we shall not revile in return. If we are hated we shall pray to God for more love. If we are excluded from polite society, we will still include all Christ-exalting, Bible-believing, broken hearted sinners in the fellowship of the redeemed. And if we are esteemed by some as better off dead, we will not cease to offer the words of life.

This is when the world will know us by our love, our love for God, our love for each other, and our humble yet enduring love for them.