The guys over at The Shepherd Press Blog have some really good ideas about how we, and our teenagers, can bring glory to God while we use social networks like facebook:

∙ consider others more significant than yourself;
∙ communicate only what will build others up;
and most
∙ do all of your communicating realizing that since you belong to Christ, your communications involve his reputation as well as your own.

They will be exploring these three ways to honor Christ in future posts, but a foundational statement was made that I think grounds the three above ideas:

The more you delight in your relationship with Christ, the more you can bring honor to him as you participate online.

This is true in the way we use social networks, but it is just as true in all realms of our lives. The more I find joy in Christ, the more I will glorify Him in sports, my interaction with my family, the way I speak to friends at church/school/marketplace. “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make straight your paths.”