Here is an excerpt from C. J. Mahaney on how one can be both busy and lazy at the same time:

When considering our schedules, we have endless options. But there are a few clear priorities and projects, derived from my God-assigned roles, that should occupy the majority of my time during a given week. And there are a thousand tasks of secondary importance that tempt us to devote a disproportionate amount of time to completing an endless to-do list. And if we are lazy, we will neglect the important for the urgent.

This idea of using the time that God has given us to fulfill His purposes in a disproportionate way to the actual tasks that would further our vocations has been on my mind since college. Dr. George Guthrie first challenged me in Contemporary Christian Life and Practice to consider fully how I use my time. Am I spending time doing what I feel called to do? Am I preparing for it? Am I focusing on what will further the Kingdom? OR, am I wasting my time in between large life events.

Since college, I have read many helpful books and used various and sundry ways to help me focus my time on the primary projects and purposes of my life, relegating secondary importance items to the margins of my schedule.

I would HIGHLY recommend David Allen’s Getting Things Done as a must read for anyone struggling with being busy in laziness. Also, read Merlin Mann’s archives and soak in what you can.