A few of the things heard lately:

*During math, Mom explains an example and asks: “What is that?”
Ad: “The magical commutative property!”

*Em to Mommy: “Wanna hugz zhou!”

*E: “Look Mom, what I did!” after he placed dried bean used for
counting in his right nostril.

*An: “Aaaaaah, da Da!”

*Em last week and for many months before: “Ani, peaz.” (Raisin/craisin please)
Em this week: “Rai-nin, peas.”
I did a double take and asked her to repeat it. Her brother told her
the word is “Ani.” We all say, “Ani!”

*Mommy (while driving on our date): “Is there anything you want to talk about?”
E: “Yes.”
Mommy thinks what a good mom she is and that this is going to be important.
E: “How long until we are going to be there?”