I’ve got to admit, I’m not surprised to see the iPhone, Twitter, and email at the top of this list.  As a user of each of these products, I can relate to the desire to always be checking this or tweeting that.  

We live in a world that is full of distractions.  Our attention is being pulled in competing directions all the time, and all too often, we are willing to allow our attention that freedom.  

This is particularly true with regards to our devotion to Christ and His Word.  If we are not disciplined to focus our souls and minds on Christ, it is very possible to go through the day bouncing from one distraction to the next, never accomplishing what the above diagram calls “any kind of actual work.”  This is especially true of spiritual work.

Let us remember that we were not created for the service of technology, but it was created to serve us and our purpose, which is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  The way that works out through each of our vocations will be different, but the principle is the same – you cannot allow constant distractions to impede your devotion to Christ.

May we ever be seeking to bring all things into His service, and to focus our attention on bringing Him glory.